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Overdraft Protection

Avoid the embarrassment of insufficient funds and insure the checks you write are paid with overdraft protection services. Union Bank offers three different programs to meet your needs.

Bounce Protection

Bounce Protection is a courtesy service provided to our retail customers (not business) to avoid the embarrassment and additional charges associated with having a check returned to a merchant. You will be charged a $31 overdraft fee for each occurrence, but your check will be paid and not returned. This service is automatically provided (no enrollment needed) to checking accounts open at least 30 days and in good standing. Bounce Protection limits vary by the checking account product you are enrolled in:

Bonus and Advantage Checking - $500 Bounce limits

Simple and Flexible Checking - $300 Bounce limits

If your account reaches these limits, any additional unpaid checks will be returned and charged the overdraft fee.

Sweep from Savings

Use a current UB savings account or open a new one and have your checking account directly tied to the savings. If your checking account is overdrawn, it will automatically pull funds from your savings account up to the available amount in the savings. Your account may sweep up to six times in a statement cycle and transfers pull in increments of $50. There is a small $5 fee for each sweep occurrence, but this is far below the $31 overdraft fee and insures your check is paid.

ODP Line of Credit

Your checking account can be tied to a pre-approved line of credit. A credit line as low as $500 can be set up for you. Advances from the line to your checking account are made in increments of $100. There is an annual fee of $25 for this service but no fee per occurrence. You will be sent a monthly statement for any outstanding balance on the line of credit based on current interest rates the minimum monthly payment is $25. There is an additional  fee of $15 if payments are not made on a timely basis. Customers must meet all credit standards to be approved for a line of credit.

Sweep and ODP Line of Credit are available for both retail and business customers.

If your account is enrolled for Sweep and/or a Line of Credit, the Bounce Protection program will only be used as the last resort. Sweep will always be used in full before the Line of Credit is drawn from.

If you need assistance with any of these services, please call, stop by your local office or Contact Us today.