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A new home or car, retirement, a special vacation or a rainy day fund—life brings many reasons to save and at Union Bank we have the products you need to reach your goal. Savings plans can be short- or long-term based on your needs. All products offer electronic services for your convenience as well as FDIC insurance coverage up to the maximum amount allowed. Ask your customer service representative for current interest rates.

Description For youth under age 18, this account is intended to teach young customers how to save. Limited transactions with a low monthly balance. Ask about our UBee Kids Club! A simple account to save for life's everyday needs. Minimal requirements with easy access to funds. The holidays are a breeze when you save ahead with weekly deposits into a Christmas Club account. Funds are dispersed
in October.
Earn a superior rate of interest over a savings account. Includes account access through check writing. Requires a higher monthly balance.
Minimum Balance to Open Account $5.00 $50.00 $1.00 $5,000.00
Monthly Average Balance $5.00 $200.00 N/A $5,000.00
Monthly Service Charge $5.00 if balance drops below minimum requirement. $5.00 if balance drops below minimum requirement. No monthly charge— penalty for early withdrawal. $25 if drops below minimum balance requirement.
How to Avoid Monthly Service Charge Maintain minimum balance. Maintain minimum balance. N/A Maintain minimum Balance.
ATM or Debit Card None ATM None ATM/Debit
Interest Tiered Rates Tiered Rates Variable rate paid at maturity Tiered Rates
Transaction Limits Four in-person withdrawals and six electronic debits per month Unlimited in-person withdrawals and six electronic debits per month No debit or withdrawal transactions allowed until maturity Unlimited in-person withdrawals and six electronic debits or third party checks per month
Statement Sent quarterly, or monthly if electronic activity. Sent quarterly, or monthly if electronic activity. N/A Monthly
Monthly Statement Options Mailed, Combined or e-Statements. Mailed, Combined or e-Statements. N/A Mailed, Combined or e-Statements.
Bounce Protection N/A N/A N/A $1,000.00
Online Banking Available—Free Available—Free Available—Free Available—Free

Certificate of Deposit

Maximize your earnings in time frames that will meet your cash flow requirements.

  • Minimum opening deposit of $500.00 is required. Maturity terms range from 91 days to 5 years.
  • Additional deposits are not accepted during the term. The certificate may be increased at the time of maturity or renewal.
  • Interest rates are determined by UNION BANK. Your certificate will renew for the same term, at the interest rate in effect at the time of maturity, if you do not redeem it.
  • Interest earned may be added back to the certificate, paid by check, or deposited in a checking or savings account.
  • There is a 10–day grace period after the maturity date in which withdrawals or deposits can be made. Withdrawals made after the 10th day will be assessed a penalty.
  • NOTE: Penalty for early withdrawal on Certificates of Deposit. Minimum $500 deposit to open a new account.

Learn more about FDIC Insurance