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Union Bank

Dime-A-Time Debit Cards

Choose credit. It makes cents!

The Union Bank Dime-a-Time debit card rewards you for using your debit card when you choose credit.
Your UB debit card can make purchases in two different ways: as a credit card transaction authorized by your signature or an ATM transaction authorized by your PIN. That is why the cashier at the local store asks you “Debit or Credit.” Both methods access only the funds in your UB checking account.

Why Choose Credit?

As a no-nonsense Union Bank customer, credit is your smartest choice for three reasons:

  1. Credit transactions are run through the MasterCard network and you enjoy their limited fraud protections.
  2. You don’t have to worry about forgetting your PIN number.
  3. For every signature-based transaction (selecting ‘”CREDIT” at time of transaction), you will earn .10 cents for every transaction over $10. You must have a minimum of 10 transaction per statement cycle to qualify but there is no limit on how much you can earn.

The more you use it, the more it pays. For example, if you use your debit card (and say “Credit”) just twice a day for a month, your UB checking account will be credited $6 cash. Three times a day would be $9. Over the course of the year, that would mean $108.

Take advantage of even more great benefits with your Union Bank Dime-a-Time debit card

Online Shopping SecureCode

  • Add even more security to your debit card when making online purchases with MasterCard's new SecureCode feature. Once you enroll for SecureCode, a box will appear requiring you to enter the code when you shop online with a participating merchant. This is a code only you know and is separate from the card unlike the CVC code on the back. To add this feature, click on the link below.

Enhanced Debit Card Benefits From Mastercard

  • Union Bank debit cardholders can take advantage of additional benefits from Mastercard, including Mastercard ID Theft Protection, Extended Warranty Protection, Price Protection and much more! Visit Mastercard's website to learn more.
  • Learn about Debit Card Benefits from Mastercard

ATM cards are also available for your convenience. An ATM card may be connected to either a checking or savings account and you may access your funds at any ATM location (fee for a non-UB machine). Certain retailers may accept your ATM card to make purchases—similar to a debit card—but there must be a PIN pad present so purchases with an ATM card are limited.

Don't have a Union Bank Debit Card? Contact Us and we'll get one ordered for you.

Out of the Country Travel Tips for Debit Cards

Traveling outside the United States? You can still use your Union Bank Debit Card! Just book your trip and notify us of your plans. With notification from you we can validate any activity that seems unusual for your account. If you don't notify us, your card could be placed in a status that will not allow any activity until we contact you to verify it. This can be difficult if you don’t have your cell phone number on file with us and we are calling your home phone.

Also follow these helpful tips while on your adventure:

  • When traveling out of the country, you should always take at least 2 forms of payment. If one doesn’t work, you have the other to fall back on.
  • In a foreign country, an ATM machine must have the Plus or MasterCard logo, or it will not work.
  • It's been reported that many international ATMs do not keep their signage up-to-date as to what networks they participate in. So, if an ATM won’t work, you can always go into an actual bank and get a cash advance on your debit card.
  • A debit card should never be used to make hotel reservations or car rentals because those vendors block out additional funds on the card for incidental fees. This can cause you to not have available funds for other purchases.
  • Always carry a copy of the front and back of debit and credit cards when traveling in a foreign country. If the cards are lost or stolen, you will have the numbers to contact to cancel the cards. Keep the copies locked in the hotel room safe.

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